EXCLUSIVE! Against the odds: Meet the woman behind America’s first Uterine Transplant

Full Interview with Lindsey McFarland

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This picture was taken moments before an international press conference, announcing America’s First Uterus Transplant had been performed by a team of Cleveland Clinic Transplant and Gynecological surgeons. Two hours later, Lindsey was rushed into the operating room following medical complications where the following morning, she discovered the uterus had to be removed.

Lindsey, a mother of three adopted boys tells Global MRKH Co-Founder, Ally Hensley, not only what happened that day- but what goes through the mind of a woman with MRKH when faced with a pioneering procedure. At the heart of medical conversations (and debates) worldwide, Uterine Transplants can be polarising. This interview goes beyond the surface, and tells of the heartache, motivations and moments that Lindsey experienced, not just as the first uterus transplant patient in America but also as a woman with the hope of carrying a pregnancy she always dreamed of.