Meet the Founders

Collectively, Ally, Christina, Jaqi and Amy have advocated for MRKH for over 15 years. As the founders of the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation (Amy and Christina) and Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation (Ally and Jaqi), these four women shared a vision to assemble the global MRKH community to improve health care for all who are touched by MRKH. We invite you to get to know us a bit better.


Jaqi Quinlan, one of the four co-founders of Global MRKH is not only a committed advocate and leader, she is an artist, designer, entrepreneur, and mother. Embracing the challenges that came with the MRKH diagnosis, she turned her shattered dream of motherhood into a beautiful reality. Jaqi never knew strength until being strong was the only choice she had. Her everlasting longing to become11124106_10155857218685651_1026160954_n a mum took her abroad on a journey through surrogacy that endured many years of turmoil, frustration, devastation, to eventually ecstatic elation when her whole paradigm shifted the day her miracle entered this world. With two angel brothers watching over her, Jaqi’s daughter is truly one meaningful gift “Te Koha” – so pure, so precious, so astonishingly perfect. With beautiful and sincere intention, an unbreakable commitment to women with the MRKH diagnosis and a pillar of strength within the Australian MRKH community, Jaqi leads the way with tenacity and focus when understanding. When she’s not busy staying up to date with family planning options or offering guidance and mentorship within this field, she’s actively involved in her daughter’s social activities, being creative, smashing it out at the gym or watching any of her many “Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) movies.



In addition to co-founding Global MRKH, Ally Hensley is also the co-founder of the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation, the first and official foundation advocating for the unique MRKH community within Australia and New Zealand, striving for more awareness and support for women and those close to them. The Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation is currently in the process of obtaining Not-For-Profit status. In addition to this, Ally is also the President of the MRKH Support Group Committee alongside a number of members, including key executive representatives with meThe Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney established in March 2015. Ally has always maintained and stood firm to the mission statement cementing the Australian Foundation, which is to ensure that in her integral role as a key MRKH leader and representative, she is to remain committed in reducing any emotional distress, confusion or isolation in the form of face-to-face guidance or via international communications to women reaching out for further support, empathy and understanding of MRKH. By bridging the gap between those diagnosed and those who diagnose, Ally is able to advocate for multidisciplinary research, best practice health care, psychological assistance and continues to act as a personal mentor to women of all ages, globally. Ally believes fundamentally, that inner beauty and acceptance is accessible to all those who are willing to be empowered by it, having spent the last ten years seeking a fuller understanding of this condition and now being in a position to assist others desiring the same. If not tinkering on a computer somewhere around Sydney, you will find Ally on the yoga mat or on Australia’s infamous Bondi Beach.



Christina is Vice President, Executive Director and co-founder of the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation. She is also Christina Ruththe proud creator of the MRKH Support and Awareness Facebook group that has created lifelong bonds on a global level for women around the world. She enjoys connecting with her ‘sisters’ through social media, social meet-ups and at MRKH conferences. While she has tons of love for her MRKH sisters in the states, she is deeply passionate about helping her international sisters who don’t have access to the same quality of care or medical resources that we are lucky to have in the United States. When she’s not busy with her MRKH awareness endeavors, you can find her doing something active outside or spending time with her significant other and favorite MRKH supporter, Zach.


In addition to co-founding Global MRKH, Amy C. Lossie, PhD is the President, CEO and co-founder of the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, Inc,, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing acceptance and decreasing shame of MRKH, a form of ks279 - Version 2congenital infertility. Dr. Lossie is also a patient advocate for the Accord Alliance, a non-profit agency that promotes comprehensive and integrated approaches to care that enhance the health and well-being of people and families affected by disorders of sex development. She is passionate about raising awareness of MRKH, providing support to all who are affected by MRKH and improving patient care through partnering with the biomedical community. When she’s not advocating, you will find her somewhere in the tropics exploring blue water.


One thought on “Meet the Founders

  1. Thank you ladies for all you do and continue to do for the women diagnosed with MRKH (my daughter was recently diagnosed). Keep up the great work!


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